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    Account value - £311
    Total with sales - £133

    Asking £25-$32 can negotiate

    I am selling my steam account due to no longer having a lot of time to play games the account will come with about 36 games that's, not including the ones I have added to the client for quick launch, easier way to put it the account has 36games purchased and free games I will include photos of my games in this post so you can check them out i will be giving full steam account access with the full email access i am happy to remove authentication and security questions before the purchase is made to make it easier, if you are interested in the account and would like to buy feel free to message me on this site as then we can have chat history for any proof you may need due to my rep on here and I am also willing to use a middleman if it makes you feel a lot safer buying from me

    No Vac Bans
    Not Banned from any servers/games

    Here I have listed a few popular games on the steam account and also below this list will be photo's as well

    Arma 3
    Call of duty black ops 2
    Conan Exiles
    GTA IV
    GTA San Andres
    The Forest
    Arma 2 + dlc operation arrowhead
    unturned - gold member
    warhammer 40k dawn of war
    yugioh legacy of the duelist + dlc yugioh duelist kingdom + waking the dragons joeys journey

    Photos can be found here steam link will only be provided over personal message if you would like the link feel free to contact me

    middleman only
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