Spatalos. Asmodian. Cleric 50 and Ranger 55 ( 1 2)

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    Hi, I have to sell Aion account. There are two valuable characters on the server Spatalos side Asmodian. Account is currently inactive and requires the purchase of subscription. Account has ben played 10 months, so it gives the perks of playing in the "Veteran Rewards". Characters: 1. Cleric level 50 This char is dressed like on the screenshots. In addition, it has a lot of unique "skins", some of them only available in the store NCsoftu (eg shield, mace or skin from lineage 2). About eq. I need to add that all the armor parts are complemented with gold manastones half and half magic boost and HP. Staff is full magic boost + GS 940dmg 2%. Mace and shield are full HP (gold mace comes from 50lvl quest (13% atk speed)). 2. Ranger level 55 This char is dressed like on the screenshots (no hood Skin visible in the screenshot). Additionally, in warehouse it has ~3 parts of abyss 40lvl set (gloves, pauldrons and shoes (which shoes I am not sure, I can't check because of inactive account)). +7 Fenris’s Longbow is combined with +8% pvp attack ABYSS BOW In addition, it has a lot of AP items, in particular more than 10 major crowns. Equipment is supplemented by white manastones. This char have advanced cooking, but dont exacly remember how high, some around 400 Account includes some Kinah, and other valuables. Characters have nice nicknames without any strange additives. PRICE: 100€ Any questions plz send them at: ***************************************************** or post here the transaction can be done by e-mail or and I prefer BANKING but can setup paypal acc if necessary Screenshots: CLERIC: RANGER: (selling without hood)
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