[SOLD] Your very own Ranked 3s teams!

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    Hey guys, here's the run down. My teammate's and I are extremely talented and extremely high elo 3v3 players. After winning 5 games, the elo of our teams almost always falls between Gold I - Diamond V, as we have extremely high MMR. How this will work is this: You will add me in game. You will give us the name and tag of the team you wish to have a high 3v3 rating, we will then proceed to play 5 games on that team, giving it a very high rating. Once the team has 4 wins, you will receive an INVITE to the team. But accept it only after we have completed the 5th game (So your mmr doesn't affect the outcome). After this is done, you accept the team invite, send us money based on the ELO Tier of the team, we give you captain of the team, leave the team, and it's yours. As long as you play 1 game every 4 weeks, your elo will not decay. Every week you get 3 invites to bring friends onto your team! This is easily the cheapest way to attain S3 borders and rewards, far quicker, safer, and less expensive than boosting. If we play 5 wins, and attain an elo you are not happy with (Be it we achieve Diamond and you can't afford it, or we get unlucky and get Gold I when you wanted Platinum), then you will not be charged for the team, but you will also not recieve the team. (As in you just lose the name). If you'd rather just buy a team, we have spares sitting around. Prices: Gold II: $15 Gold I: $20 Platinum V-IV: $30 Platinum III-II: $40 Platinum I: $50 Diamond V-IV: $110 Current Spares: 2 x Gold I So Far Sold: 2 x Gold I 1 x Platinum V 1 x Platinum III Note: We do not boost elo. We will not take a current team you have and raise it to a specific elo. We will simply play 5 wins and give you the leader of the team and all slots, but you get to chose the name and tag.
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