[SOLD] WTT WoW Accounts for ISK or EvE Pilot

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Hiya I am interested in trading my wow accounts for either ISK or a Pilot, below are the details of both accounts: First one: level 90 vanilla warrior w/max mining and max engineering... also has a thunderfury, used to run all our 40 man raids, exalted with all those factions level 90 druid with max Leatherworking and JewelCrafting 4 other level 85's (lock, shaman, pally & vanilla hunter... hunter still has his full set of T2 in the bank, i tossed the t1 set sadly) All the 85's have professions maxed for their levels Second account: level 90 full LFR mistweaver set, full heroic/LFR mix dps set. High MOP reps, exalted in 3, almost exalted in 2 more. He has max Skinning and Leatherworking level 85 Vanilla mage, was first in full sets of T1 and T2 back in the day on our server, still has his full T2 in the bank. Max lvl 90 enchanting and max close to max 90 tailoring level 85 DK full epic leveling set, mining & herbs level 88 pally max lvl 90 mining and max lvl 90 blacksmith several lvl 75 alts Looking to get rid of all this for a single high level pilot or ISK, or a combo of decent pilot w/isk. I am in no hurry, so send me a pm or reply here. Thanks
Thread Status:
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