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    Hi guys, I'm here to sell a TOP ASMO account on the new server Nexus. This account is full of stuff and have everything you need to OWN everyone on the 3.0 version that will come out tomorrow!!! I already bough 2 Aion and 1 LOL account and never had any problems so I hope this time I'll not have problem with scammers. The details of the account are the following one: +10 tac officers flatbow vs coliceum bow 2 condition(full 17 crit)gs silence +11 Master Korie Bow + Coliseum Bow (Crit. St. +15 and HP +85) +10 Elite Archon Tribunus Jerkin (HP +95 and Crit St. +17) +10 Elite Archon Tribunus Breeches (HP +95 and Crit St. +17) +10 Elite Archon Tribunus Boots (HP +95 and Crit St. +17) +10 Elite Archon Tribunus Shoulderguards (HP +95 and Crit St. +17) +10 Elite Archon Tribunus Vambrace (HP +95 and Crit St. +17) Sublime Coliseum Set Complete (5 parts) all +1 Archon Brigade General Corundum Ring (Abyss 55) Archon Brigade General Leather Belt (Abyss 55) Archon Primus Pilu's Corundum Earrings (Abyss 55) Archon Tribunus Ruby Ring (Abyss 50) Archon Tribunus Ruby Earrings (Abyss 50) Archon Tribunus Ruby Necklace (Abyss 50) Sublime Coliseum Champion's Hat 1,1 Million Abyss Points Red Diabol Pet (Buffs and warn about enemies) = 20€ in store Shugo Lad Pet (Carries 24 slots) = 15€ in store Whitebeard Manduri Pet (Buffs) = 10€ in store 501 Aion Coins in the Store = 30€ in store (you can buy 5 gold packs or other stuff) Vorpal Corundum Earrings X2 Vorpal Corundum Necklace Storm Wings 100 Million Kinah 8K Courage Insignias 35K Crucible Insignias 100 Plat Medals (and all the quests for medals available) All the Greater and Normal Stigmas (the good ones) Enchantment Stones Lvl80 X 3 Lots of scrolls fro running, attack and crit. Lots of the best food for ranger. 27 X Manastones HP +95 24 X Manastones Crit Strike +17 Godstone: Walzen's Vow in Warehouse Amazing Kromede Remodel Complete Set X6 Esoterrace Time Scroll 9750 HP without bufs As you can see it's an amazing account with one of the TOP RANGERS of the server. I accept Bank Transfer if its in EURO ZONE or PAYPAL (GIFT). I'm open to offers and the price is #. Add me on so we can talk: abiliocardoso1
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