[SOLD] WTS Bronze II Silver V Plat V(Diamond S2) Accounts WTB Diamond 5+ Accounts

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    I currently own 3 accounts. The first one is Bronze II with every champion except Lissandra. It also has a ton of skins including PAX Sivir, Riot Nasus, Riot Graves, Christmas skins and Harrowing skins. It also has a lot of runes and rune pages. The main perk of this account is the skins and runes. The second one is Silver V and has every champion. It also has a lot of legacy skins but no EPICLY rare skins. The main perk of this account is starting Silver and owning every champion. The final account is Plat V currently but was diamond S2 so it has a diamond border. It has a decent amount of champions, a lot of runes and rune pages, and a decent number of skins. The main perk of this account is the diamond border and being able to start Plat V, also having a lot of runes to get you started on the climb back to diamond. You can contact me on (cody.closs). I work from 4:45am (PST) to 6:00pm (PST) and I have random off-days so the best time to contact me is after 6pm. I am accepting PayPal or middlemen with you paying the fee, unless the fee is outrageous then we can split it. I will provide whatever you want via and I am not setting benchmark prices for the accounts. You can look around the forums and see what people are selling for and bring it up to me and ill consider your offers. Now to what I want to buy: I want to be Diamond again but I don't really want to work for it. I've been playing league since S1, I've played/scrimmed with pros in Season 2 (The plat account is actually friends with several pros and they will duo with you if they arent busy). I stopped playing league at the beginning of s3 and the elo/MMR decayed down into Plat. I am looking for anything Diamond 5+ with a decent number of skins (any legacies, legendaries, or code skins is a must) and a decent number of champions. I don't care about runes/rune pages as I can purchase rune pages and earn runes again. I am willing to trade accounts and purchase accounts. My budget is 150-400$ depending on what I value your product at. I have spoken with a few pros (MRN AtomicN, Crs StVicious, Crs Altec, Prophet) and I am looking to get back into the scene quickly. Add me on league (Fullofshift, A Small Volcano). Add me on (cody.closs) and let's see if we can make a deal.
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