[SOLD] WTS Aion NA (Israphel) pvp geared 60 chanter

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    Sorry if my vagueness puts you off, but I've been banned before for posting too detailed character info. I don't think NCsoft does witch hunts like PWE, but still I'd like to protect myself. Estate owner (game refunds over 300m if you fail to pay rent), lots of furniture including level 8 legion reward and permanent 2 drawer cabinets over 3300 ncoin (worth $35ish) on account over 100m kinah in inventory +12 60 staff combined to a 55c1 pvp staff +12 55c2 arena armor +10 55c2 arena shoulder 55c2 arena boots 60c1 arena glove Full guardian brigade (55) pvp accessories, and Kucharan pvp belt 60c1 arena helm noble oriel's wing and ancient spirit's wing Secondary gears: cast speed/heal boost glove, heal boost mace (kahrun), heal boost shield, heal boost boots, +11 60c1 arena armor, 60c1 arena shoulder, 60c1 pants Most of my gears are skinned to expensive veille, or exceedinly rare mastarius skins. Inventory was expanded with the $20 level1+2 tickets, bank/house contain 300k+ ap worth of relics, silence godstone in bank, 2200++ courage insignia for arena gears, among other stuffs There is also a 36 sorc with a $50 cash shop mount on the account. Character does have a troll rep but you can easily transfer server once you sell or lose the estate by not paying rent. In fact, I recommend transferring regardless since the fastest way to get banned is people realizing you're not the original owner. It's very easy to get a transform position on Kahrun! Price: $190. EDIT: Argh this forum isn't spacing my lines like I'm used to, oh well -.-
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