[SOLD] WTS 80m SP PvP - All BS / Gunnery / Missile lvl 5 - Perfect sub cap.

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    Hi, As the title says, i am selling out of my alt accounts, been playing the game since 2003 but some accounts i just dont need anymore , already have enough ISK and i know what i need to do with the rest of my time in Eve and having 5 accounts is not healthy in the long run for any relationship with the girlfriend. So to business. The account comes with a 79m SP pure PVP character. He has all faction gunnery skills at 5, that includes from small to large projectile, hybrid and energy, specialisation skills are at 4. He has all missile skills at 5 and the specialisation skills at 4. BC, Command ships, All battleships at 5, Gallente Carrier 5, all the drone skills and all the support skills for the carrier at 5. Can also fly the Moros, can fly the Phoenix. He is able to run lvl 5 missions for some of the corporations belonging to minmatar republic. He has high standards with the minmatar empire and hence able to use all the lvl 4 RnD agents and that will bring you a passive income of several 100m ISK a month. Price : 1000$ ,- Can be negotiated. He will come with several jump clones , that includes a high grade slave set fully decked with 5% implants in the other slots, high grade crystal set fully decked also with other 5% implants, a +5 clone set with other 5% implants, a +4 clone stashed somewhere also and a +3 clone somewhere in null sec in the north. Leave your email here and i will get in touch with you. For more information and eveboard , pm me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.