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    Clan Account 1 (Fully Endgame): 220 Solitus martial artist, Alphas/intel symbs equiped 50+crit self buffed(without flurry,shen,db armor,type 2 research perk- 96% with those) Dual Kuma tonfa, CC ql300 Set, DB pieces, igoc x2, alappaa pads, beast shoulder+Boc, notucomm/empowered RBP, Lots of other stuff aswell, xan viral belt, MA star, masterpiece/perfect infused bracer. 220 Adventurer, High ql symbs, DD energy setup, Mix of ql 300 CC and CSS, masterpiece/perfect infused bracer etc Lots of old PVP twinks. Clan Account 2: 215+ Enforcer, 1hb/1he xan weaps(xan upgraded pride and deciet in inventory, Cm ql300 set + Ofab armor, xan upgraded Blue belt, best def utils, Db nano, BoC+ beast shoulder, masterpiece/perfect infused bracer, inf Betas on etc. Great char in both 216-220 pvp and as a tank. 215+ Atrox Shade. Deceit x2/improved hacked medi blade, BoC, Igoc, xan upgraded yellow belt equiped, db bracer, dmg aruls, shade star, Cm ql 300 pieces, DB armor, OFab gloves/helmet, Blood soaked back - around 600mill in pure creds 300$ for account 1 | (items worth 18+bill according to current market prices ) - 180$ = for two sets of ai armor, 5bill= 60$ which means im taking only 60$ for the account 150$ for account 2 (Another thread with my 220 keeper for sale for 90$) Paypal only as that is the fastest way. I've done lots of deals on here. Thanks - - - Updated - - - Xan 2500 token boards on all characters 450$ for all three accounts
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