[SOLD] Veteran Account LV.7 Aion PVP/PVE Good Geared SM & Alt SIN (Server EU-Spatalos Elyos)Middleman Seller Guide

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    Primary Character: Spiritmaster Lv.60 Accessories 1x 1x 2x 1x 2x 1x Weapons 1x+2 X- Character Name Combined with Condition lvl 2 PvP Orb Arena +2 & has 5x + 5x +Silence Godstone 8 sec 1x+1 Not combined & has 5x +Godstone damage 376 earth with 10% probability Set PVP-Arena Condition 2 1x+1 with 2x & 3x 1x+2 with 5x + Remodeling 1x+1 with 5x 1x+1 with 5x 1x+1 with 5x ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1x+2 with 5x + Remodeling 1x+1 with 5x 1x+1 with 5x 1x+1 with 3x & 2x Set PVE 1x+1 with 5x 1x+1 with 5x 1x+1 with 5x 1x+1 with 6x 1x+1 with 5x + Remodeling 6 Pets Headstrong Poroco Pointyhat Sprigg Silver Wuf Purple Ribbit Pink Nyanco Whitebeard Manduri Stigma's Build PVP Abyss Rank- Elyos Army 2-Star Officer Abyss Point ->on character :464.304 ->to exchange :362.400 Motion Hovering Craft Expert Essencetapping 456/499 Expert Aethertapping 499/499 Master Alchemy 501/549 Morphing -> Has all recipes from all Fortresses Scrolls 938x 544x 2434x 528x 490x Potions/Food 1661x 102x 431x 89x U]Mount[/U] 1x Manastones 25x 7x 4x 134x 193x Insignias 134028x 2180x 84x 385x 11x Hats 1x 1x Materials 4036x 1000x 135x 38x Enchantment Stones 1x 1x 4x Kinah 22,640,000 Gold Pack Status-> Activated (200h+) Veteran Rewards Status->ON Secondary Character:Assassin Lv.52 (Not to many details to add..) Items 1x+1 1x+1 1x+1 1x+1 1x+1 2x+1 Wings 1x Manastones/Food/Insignias/Potions/Scrolls 2244x 312x 350x 337x 113x 900x 463x 49x 258x 4x 2x 197x 921x 594x Motion Ninja Stigma Build Kinah 36,711,081 Ok now Both Characters are on the same account. PM me on ( cipidani1 ), messenger/ mail ( gcipriandaniel@ ) or even here with your prices higher than 350 Euro/450 USD.
Thread Status:
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