[SOLD] Very Geared Asmodian Cleric Kahrun 4.0 Ready

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    Gear is as follows. Weapons: +11 kahrun's Peace Staff with 55c2 Combine 1% 3760 gs +1 Kahrun's Mace +1 Divine Coliseum Champion's Shield Armor Sets ---- FULL ACD set +10 Archon Commander's Divine Hauberk +5 Archon Commander's Divine Handguards +10 Archon Commander's Divine Spaulders +10 Archon Commander's Divine Chausses +1 Archon COmmander's Brogans. ----- Full 60c1 Set Hule's Hauberk Antro's Chausses Antro's Brogans Antro's Spaulders Antro's Handguards -----Full 30e MB Cloth set Some pieces +10 rest vary Accessories Has all 60 eternal PVP accs, except 1 earring. Full Kahrun eternal PVE Accs Kahrun Wings Extras Bike Mount 499 Aethertapping (EASY kinah) 499 Alchemy (master it in 4.0 if you wish) Both Stigma Trees 156k AP (Will keep growing) 18 Mithrls Medals. Has rare Devil Pet, and 5 other pets. Also has 101 Million EXP from soul sickness stacked. (Skip level 61) Selling for $600 NEGOTIABLE, OR Willing to trade for EQUALLY geared Sin, Glad, Templar, or Sorcerer. NA servers only. Feel Free to PM me incase you need a question answered.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.