[SOLD] The Perfect Starter/Collectors Account/ Lvl 80 - Plenty of vanity!

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    I'm selling an AoC account thats been hanging around for awhile collecting dust. The account is located on the EU servers for starters. Has characters both on Crom and Fury. There are currently two characters that are on Crom (PvE) - Guardian and Fury (PvP) - Tempest Of Set, Please note that these are not Level 80 characters but the account does have +25 free instant levels to grant on either characters therefore either one can be Level 80 after you give them the levels! Since the account is also a veteran account it is entitled to 30 FREE DAYS OF PREMIUM (No CC required, you can just activate it). Aswell as the potential level 80 on either a PvE or PvP server the account also comes with ALOT of collectables that have been added to the account in the past. Here is a list of all the perks that are linked with this amazing account. Products Age of conan Colletors Edition Addon Pack: Tortage Survival Addon Pack: Might Of Crom Rise of the Godslayer Collectors Edition (Expansion) Your Items Bag of the mammoth rider The ring of Acheron The Drinking Cape Blue Snow Mammoth Slavemasters Scimitar Slavemasters Dagger Slavemasters Club Slavemasters Axe Slavemasters Staff Slavemasters Bow Pet: Loyal Kappa Social Pet: Owlet Pet: Ravager of Jhil Tattoo: Female - The tainted underworld Tattoo: Female - The color of heaven Tattoo: Female - The guiding spirit Tattoo: male - The world Beneath Tattoo: male - Immortal Guardian Tattoo: male - Taint of vengeance Ring of dreaming demons Ring of Chthonic Nightmares Bag of holding Bag of the rhino rider Coloring the sky Krykanian Headguard of the warlord 10% xp Kosalan Talisman of Clarity Prismatic Starfall The Amazon Curved Bow The Enruned Kosalan Ring The Killer Rhino The War Mammoth Totem Of Origins All these items are claimable on both new and old characters and will stay with the account forever. Aswell as this the account has 25 veteran tokens to spend on vet items. More importantly though I am the Original Owner and the only owner the account has ever had. Upon purchasing you will recieve all the account info including the CD KEY and also an ID scan to go with the account. I'm open to both cash (Prefered) and Trading, so please send your offers my way or if you want to chat price feel free to contact me aswell. I'm mostly always on. Please Post here before contacting or you will be ignored. You can contact me either via PM on this website or by ,AIM or which are listed in my signature and also to the left on my profile. Thanks!
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