[SOLD] Tanky Ranger LvL75 (lightning arrow, frenzy)

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    SOFTCORE My goal with this ranger build is to have high survivability without neglecting the magic find and dps. Currently I'm doing maps with no problems, finding lots of rare items and stuff. All my gears have end game stats. Also My chest is 5l which I looted in a map and crafted it. I also looted the one of the recently added unique map called Maelstrom of chaos, I already used it and found many rares. I have screenshot of it while i'm playing the map. Maelström of Chaos - Path of Exile Wiki This is the perk of having 116% rarity I will keep playing this character and I will raise the price if I feel that the value of it becomes more worthy. If I don't find any buyer in this website, I will put this up in . But i prefer selling accounts here. With worth $25 microtransactions I purchased premium stash bundle that has 6 additional stash and can be customized. Also comes with worth $5 weapon item effect, turquoise effect. Main Dps skills Lightning arrow 20% quality- weapon elemental damage 20% quality - chain - lesser multiple projectile - life gain on hit. DPS = 900 (deducted chain and lmp dps) With chain and lmp, shock effect of lightning stacks so high it 1-3 hits the mobs. Frenzy 20% quality - fast attacks - added fire damage 13% quality - weapon elemental damage. DPS 4600 The purpose of this skill is to fast dispose of rare and unique mobs, single target. Curse Conductivity Buffs Anger - wrath - grace - reduced mana Agro crowd control Flame totem - lesser multiple projectile - faster projectile - added lightning damage Purpose of this skill is to get the attention of rare mobs and while you dps them at same time in safe distance. Stats. Defence HP - 3866 before buffs, 3508 after buffs Armor - 8787 (48% damage reduction) Fire resist - 80% Cold resist - 80% Lightning resist - 80% Chaos resist - -28% Offence DPS- 1089.7 Chance to hit - 100% Attack per second 1.87 Magic find 116% item rarity Price: $260 paypal transaction only for fast trade and verification. No trading.. 9 skill refund points link to skill passive: Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.