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    As title says I'm looking for a level 60 sorc preferable on European servers, does not matter what faction, it only cannot be on Spatalos - Asmodians, preferably veteran account. Gear has to be a bit decent, so if you have a sorc for sale please contact me with the details of your gear. What I can offer is: 1)l55 Spiritmaster starter account on Spatalos Asmodians with full fenris and orb, full 30e +10, +10 noble surkana tome with macc socketed, almost full 50 accessoires, 4 parts of the 55 arena con1 set. 2)Level 30 League Of Legends account, perfect status and alot of champions. 3)l60 Sorcerer veteran (24/28, 3-4months of gold pack left) on Spatalos Asmodians. Gear: +15 stormwing tome with arena con2 and zikel godstone and magic boost stones, +10 archon commander tome with attack speed combine, zikel godstone and magical accuracy stones. Full archon commander accessoires and genium bandana, full siels armor set with magic boost, full genium set with magical accuracy, full arena 55 con1 with magic resist. Wintry and Glacial tree, 100kk kinah, scrolls, foods, materials etc. Also 4k+ courage insignias, 15k normal ones, 20 mithrils, 100 kahruns and 150k ap. Also has a 44 spiritmaster with full 40 set, +10 tome with silence godstone and almost full 50 AP accessiores. 4)Money if the price is right, alltho I prefer a trade. You can contact me here or add me on : claesjimmy, if you add me please say it's for this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.