[SOLD] RK1 Omni - Endgame 220s x5 + Twinks - Cheap

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    These toons are completely endgame, have all alphas (except for where other implants/ado brains are better). They have all of their nanos, and can cast. Solitus Soldier - 220/30/70 AR or SMG setup - 3700AR+ using AR Atrox Keeper - 220/30/70 Selfs his auras without CoNC. Defense or Offensive setup available Atrox Agent - 220/20/xx - not currently wearing his alphas (had him in ip reset, but they are ALL in bag) Opisex Shade - 220/25/70 - pvm toon currently - but can be setup for pvp easily Solitus Doctor - 220/26/70 - hp setup, hits 30khp self if memory serves me Twinks: 150 Soldier - has 300 ofabness (not equiped, was gonna make him a tl5 twink but never finished) 60 Trox Trader - best possible setup, Nanites, wit, etc.. absolutely OP as hell, made him 60 to take out lvl 75 twinks too 60 MP - Defense Setup casting ALL RK nanos. Demon in temple is always fun to see, ofc he has TEP etc. 24 Fixer - Subway farmage? 2 doctor twink... idk just had fun making a toon with 2khp selfP Notable Items: Notucomm Trenchcoat 300 CM pieces - missing helm and gloves i think. 250 Filigree Set 300 buffing implants (some, and i dont remember which) 300 HD Leg / 270ish HD Foot Pioneer Backpack misc twinking items 2x 75 CS sets of armor misc lowbie bots, 1 supple, some observant, and arith around 500m+ on toons Its currently split into 3 accounts, doc // soldier // agent/keeper/shade - you could easily move them around or consolidate for however you wanted... I just farmed TNH alot so Doc/Keeper/Soldier was afk mode for me. I know alot of info is missing, but could provide more if requested, I wont activate the accounts to show ingame, they are there I promise. I'm just a starving college student, and 15$ buys alot of ramen 300$ starting... PM with offers Thanks,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.