[SOLD] {Pulse Ez, Riot K-9 Nas, PAX Sivir} Level 30 NA account (Skin for most champs)

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    Title says it all, got a new account to play on and dont use this account anymore. Know I wont get a lot for it, but just want to sell. Has Pulsefire Ezreal, PAX Sivir and K-9 Nasus, aswell as a skin on almost every champ owned. (See skin list below) It is also currently in Bronze 3. Has a decent name, could be a "semi-og" depending on what you think. Post here or PM me if you have any other questions :blackhat: Profile: Owned Champs: Rune Pages: RP and IP: Skins: Ezreal -PulseFire Nasus -Riot K-9 Sivir -PAX Vlad -Blood Lord Xin Zhao -Warring Kingdoms Shaco -Masked WarWick -FireFang Soraka -Dryad Twisted Fate -jack of hearts Xin Zhao -Warring Kingdoms Zac -Bundle Vi -Neon Strike Nami -Bundle Elise -Death Blossom LuLu -Dragon Trainer Fizz -Fisherman Skarner -Sandscourge Nocturne -Ravager -Eternum J4 -Darkforge Jarvan Lux -Steel Legion Katarina -High Command Akali -Silverfang Kennan -Kennan MD
Thread Status:
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