[SOLD] Platinum Account For Cheap! Victorious Janna, New Years Talon, Snowmerdinger, & MORE

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    Selling this amazing account of mine because I am continuing in university and need the extra money! This account is platinum last season and has the border for solo queue. It has almost all the champs except four of them and has all the skins below including the holiday and exclusive ones aswell! It comes with original email and the original email from riot! Skins: Traditional Sejuani Traditional Trundle Koi Nami Dark Valkyrie DIana Muy Thai Lee Sin Glacial Malphite Augmented Singed Panda Teemo Frostblade Irelia Wicked Lulu Scarlet Hammer Poppy DragonBlade Talon Prototype Viktor ThunderLord Volibear NortherStorm Volibear Amethyst Ashe Temple Jax Atlantean Fizz Hired Gun Graves Iflitrator Irelia BattleCast Xerath Cryocore Brand Deepsea Kog 'Maw Redeemed Riven Renegade Talon BloodStone Taric Earthrune Skarner Valkyrie Leona Buccaneer Tristana Undertaker Yorick AristoCrat Vayne Lord Mordekaiser Battleborn Kayle Vandal Brand Traditional Lee sin Void Nocturne Leprechaun Veigar Samurai Yi Commando Jarvan IV Longhorn Alistar Lumberjack Sion Dreadknight Garen Galactic Renekton Surgeon Shen Surfer Singed Primal Udyr Lil' Slugger Trundle Nightblade Irelia Karate Kennen Prestigious LeBlanc Tango Twisted Fate Woad Ashe Stinger Akali Vandal Jax Forsaken Olaf Uncle Ryze Dryad Soraka Golden Alistar Assassin Master Yi Caterpillar Kog'Maw Recon Teemo Grungy Nunu Tundra Hunter Warwick Galactic Nasus Spooky Gangplank Minuteman Gangplank Imperial Xin Zhao BilgeWater Katarina Ruthless Pantheon Marquis Vladimir Frosted Ezreal Myrmidion Pantheon Royal Shaco Bird of Prey Anivia Chrome Rammus Special Skins: Nottingham Ezreal Victorious Janna Festive Maokai New Years Talon Snowmerdinger Looking for around 120$ but the price is negotiable. Unless you have 25+ reps you wil have to use a ! thanks - - - Updated - - - Sorry not new years talon, some dyslexia there!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.