[SOLD] Path of Exile Level 75 Godly Marauder Account (Softcore) **Repped**

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    I'm selling my personal account which is a level 75 marauder with godly gear/passive skill tree/gem setup. He has super fast attack speed with both high quality ground slam and heavy strike gems. He has 5 endurance charges at the moment with the 6th endurance charge to become available at level 77. Some stats: 3720 life 2604 armor 5132 dps from Heavy Strike(single target)@.34 seconds attack time-20% quality Heavy Strike gem 2265 dps from Ground Slam(aoe)@.37 seconds attack time-16% quality Ground Slam Gem 11% life leech Skill area of effect radius increase-12% 30% run speed 20% quality health, armor, and run speed flasks As of now I can solo almost any end game map. With 5 endurance charges I'm sitting at 50% damage reduction and with 6 or 7 it will just be nuts. Like I mentioned before my attack speed is completely insane and can get even faster with the proper passive skill choices. I have tons of gems(some quality) on the account, along with a bunch of different orbs including 5 gemcutter's prism, 1 regal orb, 4 orb of scouring, 3 orb of regret, 5 alchemy orbs, 11 cartographer's chisels, 4 maps(end game map drops), tons of rare items in the stash which probably amount to a decent amount of chaos orbs or gemcutter's prisms. Every piece of gear I have equipped is nice, and all of them are 20% quality. All the armor pieces have high +life on them with resistances, some have attack speed or run speed, high armor etc. The 2H mace I have is really nice with 1.45 attacks per second with 186-252 damage and two high elemental damage modifiers. This toon already puts some level 80s to shame. I have easily put over 80+ hours or more into this account have a lot of really nice stuff on it. The total value of gear I have equipped is roughly around 15 exalted orbs or more. If you look at currency seller prices for path of exile, exalted orbs are going for $15 or more and gcp $5 or more due to the extreme rarity of them. I'm looking to get around $300 or best offer for it. This game is incredibly fun and free to play if you haven't tried it yet. It's still in the open beta but even when the final release comes out it will still be free to play. I prefer only dealing with repped users. Post here before contacting me on AIM. AIM-Cataclysmpro11
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