[SOLD] or WTS Level 60 Devoted Cleric on Dragon Server 11.3k Gear Score

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    Cleric is wearing all Tier 2 Epics, to include Best in Slot Head/Armor/Main Hand, with 2nd BiS Arms/Greaves/Offhand. Has Around 400k Astral Diamonds on the Account and the Zen Store bought Ioun Stone of Allure companion (which gives you stat boosts based on whatever you put into it's slots) at almost max level and a couple epics to choose from to slot into the last one at lvl 25 in the bank. Approx 20 gold as well.

    This cleric is specc'd for pure healing and PvE only, no respecs available on the account.

    Also has BiS Lesser Armor/Weapon Enchantments.

    With many other epics and enchantment shards also in the bank.

    Im looking for an equally geared Great Weapon Fighter (Mindflay server is a plus but not needed) or just plain cash. Nothing more or less.

    Please post cash offers to my private message box. (No low ballers)

    I only accept payment via Paypal and only if you are verified with them.

    If you are more comfortable with a middle man, i have no issues there but you will assume all fee's associated with that avenue (if there are any) and they will be a verified MM on this site.

    I will post pictures of this account as soon as i get a chance.

    If you have less rep than me, i will not even consider going first.
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