[SOLD] North America level 30 ACCOUNT - ORIGINAL OWNER

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    Summoner name: LoOoDnIcA Divison: II Bronze Wins: 730 - Ranked 60 wins Champions: 52: Akali,alistar,Amumu,Annie,ashe,blitzcrank,cho'gath ,darius,dr.mundo,evelynn,ezreal, Fiddlesticks,gankplank,garen,gragas,hecarim,Heimer dinger,janna,jax,karma,katarina kayle,kog'maw,LeBlanc,Lee Sin,Master Yi,Miss fortune,Mordekaiser,Nasus,Nidalee, nunu,olaf,Pantheon,Poppy,Rumble,Ryze,shaco,Shen,Si nged,Sion,Sivir,Sona,Soraka,Taric Teemo,Tristana,Tryndamere,Twisted fate,Vayne,Warwick,Xin zhao,Zilean Skins: 10: Jax - Vandal Kayle - Judgment Katarina - Mercenery xin zhao - Imperial Tristana - Riot girl Alistar - unchained Taric - armor of the fifth age Sivir- Bandit Pantheon - Glave warrior Cho gath - Nigthmare Account have 304 Riot Points and 6200 Influance points at the moment. Runes: 1st rune page: Ability Power +29 2nd rune page:physical dmg +21 3rd rune page: +1.3 Magic resist, +15 ability power, +13 armor, +3.0 gold per 10sec I am the First owner of the account, I didn't ever give it to anyone or sell it, Price from 15-20 USD. Add me on or facebook Luka.miric - facebook/AodSnovaSeNeZivi - Facebook
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.