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    Hello, Due to moving on with the rest of my life, I'm selling my addiction to this game called Anarchy Online. This is not a quick-sale because I want to get rid of it for the right price. The package contains 2 Master accounts of which 1 contains multiple (merged) Game accounts. The 2nd Master account only contains 1 Game account. Although I can sell them separately, it is my intention to sell both to 1 buyer. Except for 3 toons, all are member of my private Organisation with a large city in Serenity Island, packed with almost all buildings and lots of trees and lanterns for decoration. The only buildings I haven't planted is the Tax Refund Office, Sauna. Those buildings are in inventory of a toon, ready to be planted. The monthly upkeep of the city in its current state is 84M credits. No need to tell you that all toons are Clan. The remaining 3 toons (2 with all expansions and 1 froob) are member of a very old and respected Clan Organisation. I haven't logged those for 7 months now. With 1 exception, all toons are PvM/PvE geared with (a combination of) DB1, DB2, Pande, Ofab and/or Biodome armor. You've read right; I haven't farmed DB3 and/or Gauntlet and thus no stuff from there. Ability backpack package containing ql253~286 ability imps and all sorts of yes-drop ability buffing items, convenient placed in 5 backpacks for easy access. AO Item Assistant (version database file will be provided for easy overview of all items. Since I haven't played the crat for long time, I do not have a link to its gear. About 3 months left of upkeep in Organisation bank. Format: level/ai/le breed profession (highlights). Toons marked with a ! are the 3 toons mentioned above. *** Master account 1 with 6 Game accounts *** Code: *** Game account 1 *** (frozen) 220/30/70 Atrox Doctor (link to gear | ACDC | 11 Alpha's | BoC | Left- & Right Hand | APF & DB nano's)220/30/6~ Atrox Engineer (link to gear | 7 Alpha's | BoC | Sloth of Xan | APF & DB nano's)!220/30/6~ Solitus Bureaucrat (link to gear | 11 Alpha's | BoC | Peh'Wer & Troa'Ler | not yet immune for Vortexx | APF & DB nano's)TL3/6/1~ Atrox Soldier | !TL4/10/2~ Atrox Enforcer | TL2/3/7 NM NT | TL4/4/3~ Atrox Agent | TL5/6/2~ Atrox MP *** Game account 2 *** (frozen) 220/30/6~ Atrox Adventurer (link to gear | ACDC | 7 Alpha's | 4 Intel's | Twitch & JEPP | APF & DB nano's)220/30/70 Atrox Fixer (link to gear |12 Alpha's | BoC | Envy & Rhat'Ata | APF & DB nano's)199/29/5~ NM Trader (link to gear | full 223-225 CSS | needs 1~2 daily mission to ding 200/30)TL3/2/9 Atrox MP | TL5/9/4~ Atrox Enforcer | TL4/6/1~ Atrox Soldier | TL7/12/4~ Atrox NT (NS1 | NS2) *** Game account 3 (froob) *** !TL4 Opifex Fixer (team Fixer grid)TL3 Solitus NT *** 3 more Game accounts which are empty ****** Master account 2 with 1 Game account *** Code: *** Game account 1 *** (frozen) 220/30/70 Solitus Doctor (link to gear | ACDC | full Alpha's | BoC | Left- & Right Hand | APF & DB nano's)220/30/70 Solitus Soldier (link to gear | 12 Alpha's | BoC | Anger of the Xan | APF & DB nano's)220/25/6~ NM Agent (link to gear | got full set of Artillery Intel's in backpack | APF & DB nano's)220/30/6~ NM NT (link to gear | BoC | APF & DB nano's)TL5/10/1~ Solitus Adventurer | TL4/3/2~ NM NT | TL3/3/1~ NM NT | TL5/14/1~ Opifex MAThere you have it...this was my life for the past 3-4 years. If you like to make an offer, please post them here and not in PM. If you do have relevant questions other then "how much?", please post them also here for every ones viewing pleasure and I'll answer them within 24H.
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