[SOLD] Necro & Conq Both PVP 6 CromMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Hi i want to trade aoc account witch has 2 main chars a necro and conq. Conq gear and aas View image: Conq AAS 1 Necro gear and aas View image: Necro AAS Conq has full Tiger gear, full BD, full Wolfs, and some other t3 parts, also has x2 t3 rings - neck - t3 conq 2he - t3 conq x2 1he - t3 barb x2 1he - t3 bs 2hb - deaths ward ring and some more general khitai gear and pvp lvl 6. View image: Conq LOG in Necro has full summoner gear, bb helm chest belt shoulder hands - 5 parts of t3 gear including all the weapons / and i have 5 rare relics rdy for t3 chest l helm x2 t3 rings - neck - tiger dmg neck and khitai cape + all pvp gear up to pvp 6 with 120 minigame tokens rdy for pvp 7. View image: Necro LOg in + Over 100gold on all chars combined I have 4 other alts - DT pvp 1 has ibis with some khitai gear. --- View image: DT Log in Tos with t2,t3 gear including weapons. Ranger with t2,t3 gear and khitai including t3 bow.--postimage.org/image/i4kal6et9/ Bs no much gear. All chars are on crom, and im looking for a pvp 8-10 guard or dt or ranger or bs , on a eu server. Gear and aas must be good with really good pve gear too rdy for t4 raiding thx =) - - - Updated - - - Will take a pvp 10 barb too =) - - - Updated - - - Btw the ibis you see on the necro has been sent back to original owner so you wont be getting that =) - - - Updated - - - Some Screenshots of gear Conq. postimage.org/image/wt2rriwaj/ postimage.org/image/xsaf6z9v9/ postimage.org/image/ufpfe9797/ I have t3 3 rare relics and about 60 simple relics Necro. postimage.org/image/8minrmncl/ postimage.org/image/9mz3ocgyb/ postimage.org/image/jlmbbyvmf/ And i have 5 t3 rare relics rdy for helm chest l will need to grind simple relics tho postimage.org/image/a3mkbx9xz/ - - - Updated - - - I'm not bothered of any alts as long as i get one of the chars i ask for.
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