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    Rune pages: 10 Previous RP: $265 in the past two months $200+ in skins, I'd like to get around $90+ for the account. Or 480m+ RSGP(EOC). Pictures of Champs/Runes: won't let me post with under 3 posts on here. I will Screenshare or give you the screenshots when you contact me on . Champions + (Skins owned) Ahri - (Foxfire Ahri) Alistar - (Unchained Alistar) Anivia - (Noxus Hunter Anivia) Annie Ashe - (Amethyst Ashe) Blitzcrank Brand Caitlyn Cassiopeia - (Mythic Cassiopeia) Cho'gath - (Nightmare Chogath), (Loch Ness Cho'gath) Darius - (Lord Darius) Diana - (Dark Valkyrie Diana) Mundo Elise - (Death Blossom Elise) Evelynn Ezreal - (Frosted Ezreal) Fiddlesticks Fizz - (Fisherman Fizz) Gangplank - (Spooky Gangplank) Garen - (Deathknight Garen) Graves - (Hired Gun Graves), (Jailbreak Graves) Irelia - (Frostblade Irelia) Jarvan IV - (Darkforge Jarvan IV) Jax - (Temple Jax), (Vandal Jax) Jayce - (Full Metal Jayce) Karthus - (Grim Reaper Karthus) Kassadin - (Harbringer Kassadin) Katarina - (High Command Katarina) Kayle - (Judgement Kayle) Kennen - (Artic Op's Kennen) Kha'vix - (Mecha Kha'vix) Kog'maw - (Lion dance Kog'maw) Leblanc - (Prestigious Leblanc) Lee'sin Lux - (Spellthief Lux) Malzahar - (Overlord Malzahar) Mao'kai - (Totemic Mao'kai) Master Yi Miss fortune - (Waterloo Miss fortune) Mordekaiser - (Lord Mordekaiser) Morgana Nasus - (Galatic Nasus) Nautilus - (Subterranean Nautilus) Nidalee - (Pharaoh Nidalee) Nocturne - (Ravager Nocturne) Nunu Olaf - (Glacial Olaf) Pantheon - (Glaive Warrior Pantheon) Poppy - (Gothic Poppy) Rammus Renekton - (Galatic Renekton) Rengar - (Head-Hunter Rengar) Ryze - (Dark Crystal Ryze) Shaco - (Masked Shaco) Shen - (Warlord Shen) Shyvana - (Ironscale Shyvana) Singed Sivir - (PAX SIVIR) Soraka Tristana Tryndamere - (King Tryndamere) Udyr - (Primal Udyr) Urgot Varus - (Blight crystal Varus) Vayne - (Heartseeker Vayne) Viktor - (Full machine Viktor), (Prototype Viktor) Vladimir - (Blood Lord Vlad) Warwick - (Firefang Warwick) Wukong - (Volcanic Wukong) Xerath - (Battlecast Xerath) Xin Zhao - (Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao) Zed Zyra - (Wildfire Zyra) Current ranked stats: Wins: 15 Losses: 7 Kill/death/assist - 7.6/4.9/12.3 Contact: Voufrene on , Or PM here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.