[SOLD] lvl 60 Cleric Aion EU (Anuhart-Asmodians) 150$ Epic / Rare Skins!

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    GOLD PACK CURENTLY ACTIVATED LASTING FOR THE NEXT 700 HOURS! This is my main character a Cleric yes ;D (+lvl 21 alt assassin and a lvl 10 SM, lvl 10 Chanter for broker and bakning mats got a legion for mats and the bank is full with them also got 2x Jedi swords an the assassin and prepared 2x non soulbind jedi sword skins + manny +7-+11 items rdy for the assassin) Silence Godstone on the mace (Silence the target for 8 seconds with 5% probability.) 3x lvl 1 characters for name savings can be deleted ofc ;D Enemy detecting pet Buffing pet Looting pet Got 2 different PVP sets Full Fenris +10 set for PVE Fenris Warhammer on +10 all full with 95HP manastones DMG Cloth lvl 55 C2 max magic boost set (EPIC looking skin!!) Mag Resist Chain PVP set ALL STIGMAS 99 slots of space in cubes 10 mil+ kinah 20 mil+ in materials Alchemy on 499/499 (got some cool recipes for making allot of money) Storm Wings Black Cloud Wings (got them for 90 aion coins) Veteran rewards (lvl 5 veteran) Asmodian 2 Star Officer (350000 AP+ with relicts) Lanok Staff 2 Conditioning pvp staff (epic skin) Epic skins and look (heads some of them are werry expensive buyed some for 72k AP and some for 20 mil kinah at the broker) Halloween head skin Manny Black dyed items Some rare weapon skins 2x Conditioning Shield Skin 11 mil kinah Armor Skin (dyed in black) Full Archon Centurion Acessories PvE Acessories Black Devil Horns Manny mats, manny recipes!!!! 2x Captan's Cabin keys (for Dredgion) It's kinda hard to explain all the stuff i got but if you take a look at the screenshots you will know all the info you will need to decide if you wan't to buy this char or not ;D MUST SEE THIS 67 SCREENSHOTS!!! Contact info: : Kuxxxkc Email: [email protected] Or just PM me here! Curent price for this account 150$ may go up, may go down... Can take if you wan't but the buyer pays it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.