[SOLD] Lvl 30[NA] GoldV, 67 Champs, 30 skins*Bewitching Nidalee*- 11 Rune Pages - PRICE CUT!

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    Please post in this thread before contacting me on . : Carbon-xyz RP: 33 IP: 3261 Ranking: Currently Gold 5!! Champions: 67 (Including Quinn!!) --Skins-- Ahri - Dynasty Akali - Nurse, Blood Moon Alistar - Unchained Cassiopiea - Jade Fang Cho'gath - Nightmare [Legacy] Fiora - Royal Guard, Nighraven Garen - Sanguine, Commando Jayce - Debonair Katarina - High Command Kayle - Judgement Kennen - Arctic Ops Malzahar - Shadow Prince Miss Fortune - Cowgirl, Waterloo Nidalee - Leopard [Legacy], French Maid, Bewitching[Harrowing] Riven - Redeemed, Battle Bunny Shyvana - Ironscale Talon - Dragonblade Taric - Emerald [Legacy] Tristana - Riot Girl Varus - Archlight Vayne - Dragon Slayer Warwick - Tundra Xerath - Scorched Earth Special Summoner Icons: 11 Rune Pages, with great runes for EVERY ROLL!! Price: 195$. OBO. __________________________________________________ _________________________ Before purchasing any accounts from me, be sure to read the following: Once you have purchased an account, it is out of my hands. Refunds will be given out at my digression only. Meaning, don't expect one unless you are verified, or have more feedback than me. And when purchasing, I only use paypal, and you will post this message when making the transaction "I 100% Guarantee I will not attempt to dispute this payment, as it is for Virtual Goods - A League of Legends Account and I am satisfied with the product."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.