[SOLD] Lvl 30 [NA] - All Champs, 1600 Normal Wins, 140+ skins (11 Legendary) 20 Rune Pages!

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    I am NOT interested in any trades. IP:455 RP:9267 Ranking: Season 2 Silver, Currently Silver IV Champions: All - 111 --Skins-- Ahri - Midnight Ahri Akali - BloodMoon, Nurse, Stinger Alistar - LongHorn Amumu - Little Knight, Pharaoh[Legacy] Anivia - Bird of prey Annie - Red riding Hood[Legacy], FrostFire Ashe - Frejlord, Amethyst Blitz - Boom Boom Blitz[Legendary] Brand - Apoctolypic, Zombie[Legendary/Harrowing] Cait - Officer, Sheriff Cass - western Cho - Jurrasic, Gentlemen[Legendary] Corki - Red baron[Legacy], Urf Darius - Lord Darius Dr Mundo - Executioner Draven - Sould Reaper Elise - Death blossom eve - Shadow eve Ez - northern, Frosted Fiddle - surprise party Fiora - Night Raven Fizz - Tundra, Fisherman Galio - GateKeeper,enchanted Gankplank - Minute man, spooky, Special Forces Garen - Steel leagion, Rugged Gragas - Gragas ESQ Graves - Mafia, hired gun Hecarim - Headless Hec[Harrowing] Heimerdinger - Snowmerdinger [Snowdown] Irelia - Nightblade, infintrator Janna - Tempest J4 - Waring kingdoms, Darkforge Jax - Jaximus Jayce - Full metal Krthus - Reaper, PEntakill Kass - Deep one Kat - Mercenary Kayle - ather wing[Legendary], judgement[special season 1 skin] Kennen - Artic ops, Karate Kha'zix - Mecha[Semi-Legendary] Kog - Lion Dance[Legendary], Deep one, catapillar Leblanc - prestigous Lee sin - Acoyate, tradtional lee, dragon fist leaona - iron, valykalri lulu - bittersweet, dragon trainer lux - imperial, steel legion malphite - glacial, marble Malz - Overlord Mao - Festive[Snowdown] Master yi - Samurai Miss Fortuane - mafia, road warrior Mordekiser - Lord morde Morganna - Blade mistress Nasus - Dreadnight,galatic Nautalis - AstroNaut[Legendary] Nidalee - lepoard[Legacy], Pharaoh Noc- Frozen, Eternum[Legendary], ravenger Nunu - Demolisher Olaf- Brolaf[Legendary] Orianaa- Bladecraft Panth - Perseus Poppy - Battle Regalia Rammus - Ninja Rammus Renekton - Bloodfurry rengar - Headhunter Riven - Redeemed Rumble - Bilgerat Ryze- Dark crystal Senjuani- Dark rider Shaco - Masked Shaco, Royal Shen - Warlord, Bloodmoon Shyv - Darkflame , Ironscale Singed - Surfer Sion - Warmonger Sivir - Pax Sivir[Special PAX Skin], Bandit skraner - Earthrune Sona - Arcade sona , Guqin soraka - Dyraid Swain - Northern Front Syndra - Justicar Talon - Dragonblade Taric - Bloodstone Teemo - Astronaut[Legendary], Super teemo, recon Tristana - Rocket Girl, Buccaneer Tryn - Demonblade[Legendary] Tf - Muskateer Twitch - Gangster Twitch Udyr - Primal, Black Belt Urgot - Battlecast Varus - Archlight Vayne - Aristocrat, Dragon Slayer Veigar - Baron Von veigar Vi - Neon Strike Vlad - Blood Lord[Legendary] Warwick- Hyenea, Tundra Wukong - General, Jade Dragon Xin- Warring Kingdoms 20 Rune pages, with pretty much every rune in the game!! Price: Starting bids at 200$ - Will set the buy it now @ 420$. Before purchasing any accounts from me, be sure to read the following: Once you have purchased an account, it is out of my hands. Refunds will be given out at my digression only. Meaning, don't expect one unless you are verified, or have more feedback than me. And when purchasing, I only use paypal, and you will post this message when making the transaction "I 100% Guarantee I will not attempt to dispute this payment, as it is for Virtual Goods - A League of Legends Account and I have received the product and I am satisfied."
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