[SOLD] Lvl 30 LoL Account All champs, skins, runes!

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    hey guys, selling a level 30 NA account All champs a lot of skins runes never been banned comes with email. Willing to screenshare and show the account, willing to go first if you're trusted or verified and willing to use a . : Jimmayb0y talk to me there for more details on the account. Thank you! - - - Updated - - - list of skins: skins: Traditional Karma Phoenixx Quinn Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV Rocket girl tristana Death blossom elise Arcade Sona Pulsefire Ezreal Battle bunny riven blood knight hecarim wicked lulu bittersweet lulu nightraven flora royal guard fiora heartseeker vayne darkrider sejuani sabretusk sejunai guqin soria silverfang akali amethyst ashe asylum shaco mafia miss fortune officer caitlyn crimson elite talon renegade talon dragonslayer vayne arctic warfare caitlyn defender leona pertakill yorick valkyrie leona commando lux bloodmoon akali road warrior miss fortune vidicator vayne aristocrat vayne bligerat rumble battleborn kayle void nactune frozen terror nocturne bandit sivir commando jarvan iv lebrechan veigar dragon slayer jarvan iv totemic maokai sakura karma galactic renekton outback renekton resistance caitlyn nurse akalii sheriff caitlyn brolaf aviator irelia nightblade irelia secret agent miss fortune prestigious leblanc wicked leblanc gangsta twitch stinger akali shadow prince malzahar sinful succulence morgana king tryndamere queen ashe sherwood ashe woad ashe shadow evelyn felijord ashe waterloo miss fortune warrior princess sivir recon teemo assassin yi french maid nidalee mad hatter shaco bligewater katarina royal shaco bird of prey aniva tempest janna jack of hearts twisted fate viridian kayle pentakill sona
Thread Status:
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