[SOLD] Level 30 League of Legends Account - Silver I Division 74 Champions, 7 Skins [Harrow]

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    Hey, I have recently decided to start over a new League of Legends account and I am interested in selling my Level 30 League of Legends Account (NA). This account is currently Silver Division I and it was silver ELO last season and the highest ELO achieved this season is gold (ELO Decay) contains 74 Champions, 4 Rune Pages, 1811 IP, 309 RP, and 7 Skins: Unchained Alistar Tundra Fizz Hillbilly Gragas Vandal Jax Fullmetal Jayce Jurassic Kog'Maw This account also contains the season 2 trophy, and all of the harrowing (2012) summoner ICONS. The runes I currently have are: (Red)- Armor Pen (9), Physical Damage (9), Magic Pen (9) (Yellow)- Gold per 10 (8), Health at 18 (4), Mana Regen (9), Armor (9) (Blue)- Ability Power (4), Scaling Ability Power (5), Scaling Magic Resist (9) (Quints)- AP (3), Attack Speed (2), Gold per 10 (3), Move Speed (1), Attack Damage (3) I have provided screenshots below: Please PM me or me with YOUR OFFERS indicating that you are interested in buying it. My is paugozum - - - Updated - - -
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