[SOLD] Legacy member, ALL jobs/crafts/land 50 except fisher 22, assets over 100mil+

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    Well guys im selling my char of ffxiv is Miqo'te in the server Sargatanas i have all crafts/job/land on 50 except fisher 22 Militia Tank(4/5 except pant) Militia Mage(4/5 except body) Militia DD(3/5 exceept body and pant) 2 DL gear( Heavy dl glove and darklight helm) GC Flame Lieutenant(6/7 except Blm) 1 Garuda Weapon(brd) Double Mailed Mailbreaker(for Pld relic) On Dzemael Darkhold stage( for blm relic) Militia Gear( Militia bracelet,Militia Wristlets, Militia Choker) Imperial Hats( for Whm) Double Melded(+40 enmity belt,-26 enmity belt, +36 str glove,+31 dex glove, +39 vit cobalt Cuirass,+18str/20 vit pants) Expensive gear (Dodore Doublet+1, Darksteel Harbergeon+1, a lot HQ rings/earring/bracelet(over 10+)) Got 1 salt/miser leftover 700k on hand, over 100mil+ in sellable assets U will enjoy this good char im selling because i dont have more time in real life for keep playing Looking for around 500 USD can the email me price if interested through [email protected] This account have the legacy account for the future reference
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.