[SOLD] League of Legends Gold Border, Gold Elo. 13 runes page all champions. 150 USD only.

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    has 100+ skins with 7 legendary including pulz ezreal - - - Updated - - - 1.Pax Jax! 2.pax Sivir! 3.Definitely not blitscrank. 4.zombie Brand 5.Nightmare Cho'goath 6.DarkCandy Fiddlestick 7.Headmistress Fiora 8.Riot Graves 9.Riot Nasus 10.Slay Belle Katerina 11.Festive Maokai 12.Haunting Nocturne. 13.Championship Riven 14.Bad Santa Veigar 15.Snow Day Ziggs 16.Leopard Nidalee 17.Bewitching Nidalee 18.Toy solider Gangplank. 19.Scubas Gragas. 20.Victorious Janna Thosre are the Legacy skins I can remeber.. I think I have more that's not obtainable. but I can't remeber all. Here is legendary skins I have 1. Pulsfire ezreal. 2. BattleCast Prime cho 3. Gatekepper Galio 4. Bloodlord Vlad 5. Nunu Bot 6. Lion King Dance Kog 7. Coporate Mundo not going first unless you haev 10+ reputation
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.