[SOLD] Israphel asmonian 60 Templar pvp gear plus cleric 60/chanter 59/and many more!cheap!

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    Crafting: 499 almost on everything 60 TEMPLAR Wings: Lucky Wings 2 year vet reward Eternal Greatsword: Adella’s Greatsword +4 (upgraded) /w crucible 9% pvp attack & Silence Godstone Mace: Cinin’s Mace +2 /w Blind godstone Shield: Divine Coliseum Champion’s Shield +5 Accessories Helm: Sublime Coliseum Champion’s Hood Earrings: Archon Brigade General’s x1, Vorpal Corundum x1 Necklage: Archon Centurion’s Garnet x1, Debilkarim’s Corundum x1 Rings: Archon Brigade General’s Corundum Ring x2 Belt: Archon Brigade General’s Leather Belt Current AP: 45, 972 Current AP Relics: 57,900 Mithril Medals: 45 Platinum Medals: 10 Pets: Comes with 8 Pets including Alert, Storage, and Auto Loot Armor Chest: Sublime Coliseum Champion’s Breastplate +4 (socketed: Block 27) L: Sublime Coliseum Champion’s Greaves +2 ( socketed crit/accuracy) Boots: Sublime Coliseum Champion’s Sabatons +1 (socketed crit 17) Shoulders: Sublime Coliseum Champion’s Shoulderplates +1 (socketed crit 17) Gloves: Sublime Coliseum Champion’s Gauntlets +1 (socketed crit 17) 60 CLERIC Staff: Debilkarim’s Staff +2, with 1880 1% fire damage godstone, combined with Elder Staff Mace: Adella’s Mace +1 /w movement speed reduction godstone Wings: Lucky Wings Shield: Kingspin’s +2 Accessories Helm: Jotun Worthy Hat Earrings: Sorolov’s Crystal Earring x1, Anurati’s Turquoise Earring x1 Necklace: Debilkarim’s Turquoise Rings: Chura Twinblade x1, Elder’s Tears x1 Belt: Hugen’s Sash Pvp Accessories: Archon Centurion’s Lazuli Necklace, Archon Squad Leader’S Ring, Archon Centurion’s belt Current AP: 36,276 AP Relics to Exchange: 228,300 Armor Pve: Full Udas Temple Fabled (Gold) Set Pvp Armor: 3/5 40e Elite Archon Centurion’s Handguards +7, Elite Archon Centurion’s Spaulder’s Elite Archon Centurion’s Brogans 59 CHANTER Staff: +10 Fenris's Staff combined item with 8% pvp attack, +21 attack...with 6 crit strike +13 and 4 HP +95 with blind GS Wings: Lucky Wings Accessories Helm: Aturam's Chain Hood Earrings: Tiamaranta's Corundum Earrings x1, Vorpal Corundum Earrings x1 Necklace: Archon Centurion's Garnet Necklace x1 Rings:popuchin's Corundum Ring x1, Windchaser's Corundum Ring x1, Archon Squad Leader's Topaz Ring x1 Belt: Archon Centurion's Leather Belt x1 Armor: Full Fenris's Set +1, fully socketed with crit strike +17 and accuracy +27. Has lvl 60 rentus base handguards. Rebel chanter handguards x1. Current AP: 176,539 AP Relics to Exchange:25,200 57 RANGER Crafting: Master Cook Bow: Fenris Longbow + 5, 8% PvP Combine Wings: Lucky Wings Accessories Helm: Underground Temple Bandana Earrings: Vorpal Corundum x1, Archon Special Forces Corundum x1, Archon Squad Leader’s x1 Necklace: Archon Centurion’s Garnet Rings: Archon Squad Leaders x2 Belt: Sarpan’s Leather Sash Armor Full Fenris (socketed crit/accuracy/hp) Current AP: 79,760 PVP yellow 50 level gear with 10*hp95-other slots are emty at the moments ACCOUNT BONUS! Enjoy these fully playable 52+ characters as well including: *55 ASSASSIN *52 SPIRITMASTER *56 SORCERER *52 GLADIATOR Price is $250.Please pm me offers!
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