[SOLD] High-End Pre-Release SWTOR Account Maxed 50 Marauder DPS, 2nd Tier 50 Assasin Tank

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    I'm selling my SWTOR account that ive had since pre-release. This account is LOADED with 2 awesome toons that can do almost everything. 50 Sith Marauder - MAXED OUT GEAR, ALL 63 lvl gear, except 1 61 Earpiece, 2 black-purple sabers, 9+ mil credits, 400 Synthweaving with ALOT of RAID only schematics. Has rare overlord throne mount that just came out, can dps in the top of any RAID, including doing Hard Mode Terrror From Beyond or Nightmare EC. Has vault FULL of goodies, crafting mats, different armor looks etc. 50 Sith Assasin - Assasin TANK with full 61(2nd highest in game) armor set. He can take ALOT of damage and his stats are perfectly distributed so he can tank ANY raid including HM Terror From Beyond. He is 400 artifice with lots of rare recipes, has a much sought after white lightsaber crystal, discontinue Korrealis boat mount + alot more. 1+ mil credits on him as well. So overall you are getting 2 beast characters who are ready for any raid plus the new expansion. Asking $250 for this account or best offer. Im paypal certified or ill take a check. Messge me on here for more info.
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