[SOLD] Hero Of The North, level 60 Cleric, Over 10K GS, 75G. Hundreds of Tokens. 500K AD!

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    Looking to move this cleric this weekend

    Price: $125 take it as it is

    Tiefling Cleric, Founder Account, Hero of the North

    Defense, Power and Crit Spec'ed

    over 11K GS (currently at 9500, just equip and enchant a couple of items and you'll be pushing 11K GS)

    Inferno Mount

    Stone of Allure

    Leadership nearly at level 17 (A guaranteed AD earner), my account is bugged so currently all AD is DOUBLED!, 5 slots open. I generate 100K+ AD Per day

    Loads of titles, Also a couple of limited edition titles from Competitions!

    Over 17K Of PVP Glory - You can easily convert this to gear and sell it on the AH or give it your friends.

    My cleric is a PVP beast using PVE gear, I'll teach you what you need to know to dominate.

    197 Drake Tokens, 90+ Unicorn Tokens, again convert to gear and sell on the AH

    Blue health stone with about 120 charges

    Run any dungeon, any instance, any skirmish.

    Hundreds of healing pots.

    Bank Slots are fully maxed

    Enchants in the bank are level 1,2,3,4

    Around 75G on the account as well.

    Dozens of dungeon kits as well to extract materials needed for crafting.

    Crafting tab is stacked full of mats

    Other Companions

    Panther Companion

    Fire Phoenix (Phoeba or whatever its called)

    Man at Arms

    Other Mounts


    Storm Raider Mount (Was a promotion before launch)

    I am the Original Owner

    pm me for details

    - - - Updated - - -

    Forget to mention the account also has a respect token ready and waiting.

    Don't like my spec, you can alter the layout for all powers and feats to something that suits your playstyle.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.