[SOLD] GW2 lvl80 Mesmer/Ele/Hunter + 4 crafts maxed FOR Legacy Account

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    The account has 5 character slots, 3 of which are lvl80 Mesmer + Elementalist + Hunter. Mesmer and Hunter both have full exotic gear set. Elementalist have decent end game gear and exotic staff with heal build. Both Mesmer and Hunter are specced for high DPS. Great for dungeon or WvWvW. Also spread between the characters I have maxed out Cooking, Jewelry, Leatherworking, Artificer crafts. I have at least 8 gold in bank and a couple more in collectibles to sell. Roughly estimated 15 gold asset. However, I have over 600 hours in this account and ran dungeons regularly for exotic gears. I even have plenty of leftover dungeon tokens left to trade for more gears. I've also spent about another $60 in cash shop items and boosters. Realistically this will save you at least 100 gold + and time farming dungeons with randoms. Overall you get a $60 game + at least $200 worth of goods. ------ I am asking for a FFXIV Legacy account with a lot of time invested as well. At least a couple mil of gil and some maxed out crafter is desired. I understand that the server is no longer up so it is hard to provide account pictures but do your best to prove your stuff to me and I'll make it worth your while. If the account does not meet my preference, I can negotiate if you add in cash. -n91
Thread Status:
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