[SOLD] Godly Cold Templar Lvl 71 (Freeze Pulser) SC

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    Been facerolling maps since lvl 66. Survivability is high with 6300+ armor and 75 all resist. 3k life and 2k mana Additional Account Highlights Andvarius ring = most valuable unique magic find ring in the game. Account includes a Lvl 54 marauder w/ godly mace (groundslam combo) +1 stash (microtransactions) Frog pet (microtransactions) 2 Weapon effect (Color Lavender)(microtransactions) Rare items and gears to sell (good for 1 stash) Skill gems almost complete Rings and amulets w/ godly stats collection Note: For the one who buys my account, I can give some farm tips and lvl spot. I have 2 maps at the moment and I will keep leveling this templar up and farm more orbs until someone buys it. About my hp belt. I haven't seen a belt that has higher hp than mine. 120 hp!! My skill gem combo Main skill> Freezing pulse + lesser multiple projectile + faster casting + faster projectile + life leech Curse> Elemental weakness (quality +7) + Increased duration + Increased area of effect Auras> vitality + clarity + wrath + disciplined + anger (with reduced mana) Totem skill> spell totem + ice spear (quality 10%) + added lightning + lesser muliple projectile Transaction Details. Paypal transaction only. NO TRADING. I only use this email> [email protected] I don't have any other email. You can pm me here. Price: $270 Godly gear. That Skill gems collection. Flasks with all resist, movement speed, chaos, and armor. Plus the jewel collection you can't resist! Skill tree Currency orbs w/ 8 uniques
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.