[SOLD] FFXIV Legacy with beta access

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    It's been a while since I've played it (up until a month before 1.x went down) so I'll just give the info from the top of my head. I'll only post information that I'm 100% sure about. The account is EU, I don't know if this matters, but it did with PlayOnline for FFXI so I'm mentioning it. As stated in the title, it's a Legacy account and as such it has full beta access. Server: Besaid Race: Hyur F Classes: 50 Gladiator/Paladin - 50 Conjurer/White Mage - most other classes at least lv15 Crafting: nothing special, just a few afternoons dilly-dallying with them on levequests Gear: No relics. Both lv50's have their artifact armor complete. I don't know how relevant the other stuff is, but WHM was pretty much done outside the ultra-super-duper stuff. PLD gear is solid, it just needed enmity+ materia crafted onto it to be fully end-game ready. Money: about 900k gil left As for asking price, I'll simply be taking offers. I'm not looking to break the bank, just to get some money back for buying the game, monhtly fees and time spent. Accepting WU and bank transfer (EU) but also PayPal from trusted users. Service charges and any costs are at the buyers expense. - - - Updated - - - It suddenly came to mind I could use the lodestone to check job specifics. Since the edit time has expired I will post them here (though an admin is free to edit these into the first post and delete this one). Server name also corrected, Besaid was the first server I played on which was later merged to Balmung (though I doubt it will matter much after the transfer to ARR). Server: Balmung Classes: 50 Gladiator/Paladin - 50 Conjurer/White Mage - 23 Lancer - 20 Marauder - 17 Pugilist - 17 Archer - 14 Thaumaturge Crafting: nothing special: 12 Botany - 10 Woodworking - rest is p>
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