[SOLD] Extremely Geared Ranger on Kahrun Asmo Side

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    THIS ACCOUNT HAS NO SET PRICE. TAKING OFFERS ONLY Reasonable Offers only (no offers like 250, you will be ignored) Willing to trade for Elyos Ranger, Sin, Glad, or Sorcerer with Similar gear. Screenshots will be sent upon request to protect identity of ranger and account. Weapons +15 Tiamat Stronghold Bow w/ Aug2 Combine Gold Silence GS Full Crit +10 Kahruns Bow w/ 50 pvp combine Full MR Full MR Set +12 Archon Commandsr's Divine Jerkin +12 Archon Commander's Divine Breeches +10 Archon Commander's Divine Vambrace +10 Archon Commander's Divine Shoulderguards +10 Archon Commander's Divine Boots Accessories Sunayaka's Hairpin The rest are full 60 Commander eternal PVP accessories. 2200 MR with TS bow 2420 MR with Kahrun bow Extra Sets 3 pieces of 60c2 working on MA/Crit Set full 55c2 Set Full Crit Wings: Dramata's Bone Wings Kahrun Wings Pve: Full Kahrun Leather set with attack+5 and Crit +17s Sockected. Guaranteed Mithril in Siege. Crafting: 400 Essencetapping 498 Alchemy Extras: Hundreds of Scrolls, Food, and AP pots. 20 Million Kinah 720k Ap 28 Mithrils 58000 Crucible, 4200 Courage Pagati Loper Mount Recent Name change and Had Appearance surgery. Not Known on this server.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.