[SOLD] EUPC (Prosieben) Mental Controller/DPS CR88 130SP

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    I'm sick and tired to be sick and tired... Main Meta Hero Mental Controller,movement mode superspeed: It comes with both T4 Controller and DPS armor fully modded with T4 mods,131dps controller runic weapons handblasters and bow, 131 dps runic weapons bow,dual wield,shield and rifle still have to collect only one-handed,martial arts and brawling cause I have always passed them.A lie about controller armor,in truth I do have 4 T4,025 Norseman pieces shoulders,chest,l and feet.Sadly I didn't ever and say ever managed to drop from promethium boxes any type of controller rings,so right now I'm just using rings from Winter Event.I have FoS trinkets for both dps and controller roles,plus of course Central City trinkets,dps belts both in precision and might with 4 wildcards,controller belt is as for now a tad bogus cause is the one with trinket,consumable,wildcard wildcard setup. For DPS I have two sets of armor,one fully modded in precision,the other one is balanced,I have dropped 4 rings from boxes two might rings one with might affinity the other one with precision affinity,and two precision rings with might affinity,all of them are modded with Precision & Might IV PVE is pretty good as dead,you will only have to collect the remaining Norseman pieces gloves,waist and back (collected and crafted the helm while I was healer),collect back and shoulders of East Runes.Collected 4 Hive Defender pieces the ones who drop from the alert,remaining ones shoulders,waist,l and feet will drop from weekly boxes,collected 2 Avatar Infiltrator pieces,collected all weapon styles and role styles from FoS raids,you will have only to get the remaining 6 Avatar Infiltrator pieces and Jor El iconic gloves from FoS 2 and 3,ignore FoS 1 cause I got everything out of it even Broodmother's helm. Collected all weapon styles from Prime Battleground,helm never dropped while I was on so happy hunting. Still have to do around 15 Earth duos for the 250 feat,cause they are just too boring,still have to complete a grindy feat from Black Dawn OP then the remaining things are done except for ToM feat which requires lots of money. I have respecced different times so only a very few number of tank weapons styles from Batcave are uncollected,this means that I have collected both tank and healer T3 armor sets,plus all the iconics except for Prime's Helm,Jor El gloves,Digital Invader suit which drops from the former T3 Alert but I never farmed it and Nutcracker heads that were added during Winter Event,their droprate was just too low plus it was not possible to trade them and they were ugly anyway so who cares. It comes with a full T4 Healer armor and 78 LVL Resto/Resto rings,healer necklace with healer affinity is an alt bank,I was not sure about staying controller or play some more as a healer so I left FoS trinket,131dps healer runic weapons handblasters,dual pistols,staff and two-handed in bank) a necklace and a trinket that have more resto than promethium box necklace and Central City trinket,inside bank you will find some uncollected healer stuff and I still have to drop Hearshard waist from weekly boxes Blablabla from vault I have collected all movement mode trinkets,all trinkets except Phantom Zone Chunk and Toyman figurine,18 out 24 pieces of the newer styles that were added last summer,still have to collect Batwoman t-shirt,Greenlantern hoodie,Flash and 4 Leaf Clover boxers (they drop for St.Patrick event),missing Fruitcake and Prized Pumpkin trinkets and collected all the remaining event trinkets Mr and Ms Boo,Snowman,Horn or something like that from Summer event etc you will find some of them inside the bank and some in the inventory Collected all avaiable plans in game too,just to make a sad panda even more sad XD Maxed out bank and inventory slots,purchased some styles from marketplace and basic legend chars Future Batman,Harley and Arkham Joker,didn't purchase the rest cause I don't like pvp No pvp armor avaiable,collected 5 pieces of Avatar Bombardier but I have deleted them and converted some marks in the past due my lack of interest or love regarding pvp,I do have some feats but they are not that much,plus they are just grindy feats and I hate that type of chore. I'll be making some screenshots with proofs inside a compressed file and upping it somewhere after. It's price time,I do have wasted tons of time doing stuff,and some money in replay badges etc,so let's say no more than 200 EUR no less than 150 EUR payment via paypal,after the deal is done I'll be moving the account mail to a temporary or account give you pass questions and whatever then is up to you to move it to your personal email. - - - Updated - - - I have forgot to say account is premium with all DLC purchased,working on screens,it will take some time sorry
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