[SOLD] EUHERO PC,DPS/TROLL cr89 sp135 FULL T4 and HEAL cr82 sp 82 all DLC PURCHASED

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    DPS CR 89 SP135 HARD LIGHT DPS/TROLL *it can be respecet for any power i already try almost all powers)* FULL T4 GEAR MODDED WITH T4 MODS FULL TROLER T4 GEAR MODDED WITH T4 MODS PVP FULL T4GEAR MODDED WITH T4 MODS NICE RINGS AND NECKS WITH CORRECT BONUSES,for both roles from boxes Weapons: Runic Bow,Runic one hand,Runic Brawling,Runic HB,or runic two handed,runic martial arts,runic duales 135 skill points done achivment 500alerts,500duos,opened 700tresure chests, opened 84 styles from 101, opened 3 T4 gears styles,ALOT OF STYLES FROM VAULT AS SINESTRO,TWO FACE,SUPERMAN,BATMAN AND MORE HOODIES TRINKET SNOWMAN,MISIS BOO,HELLOWEN TRINKETS,DPS AND TROLER TRINKETS purchased 11000 tokens it means i spend 2.035.000money its a lot a LOT for EU server done all achivements in legends and 250 star and moon in arenas alot of crazy achivement done) almost all dps and troler plans 4 unlocket on this char,unlocket all t4 consumables caracter is SMASHER,DESTROYER and easy just changing gear u can support your team with power as controler in PVP aswell Healer SORC CR82 SP82 PVE GEAR 3 items T4 modded,rest T3 PVP GEAR 3 ITEMS T4 modded,rest t3 ringsand neck from promethium boxes ruanic wepon one hand,pistols This char is awesome if u bored to smash everebody and u want to play in a support role.Just change gear and help your team. TANK ICE CR50 SP58 DPS/cONTROLER GADGET CR74 SP 40 ALL CARCTERS MOVEMENT FLY, EXCEPT TANK IS SPEEDSTER Legends PVP: 1. All chars for marks are unlocked (normal ones and Last Laugh ones and Hand of Fate ones). PURCHASED FOR 1 MONTH LEGENDARY,500SC,150 BADGETS DLC: I purchased for cash all DLC, so you got access to all content till now: 1. Fight for Light. 2. Lightining Strikes. 3. Battle for Earth. 4. Last Laugh. 5. Hand of Fate. batman future,joker arkham,vanguard skin,gargoly wings. 14 extra spots for inventory. History: Playing the game for a year. What wasnt shown on screenshots,can be showed in by screen sharing or specific screeshot provided by your suggestion via Email. NOW ABOUT THE PRICE. you can offer price in or email What im sure of is that those offers that will be lower then 250eur will be automatically refused :metruk88 Email:[email protected] PVE STATS PVP STATS FEATS - - - Updated - - - i just wanna quit from game so if somebody buy it fast maybe i will sell it like 200)
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