[SOLD] End gear Ranger Asmo KahrunMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Weapon Tiamat Guard's Longbow + Archon Commander's Divine Longbow(Aug2) +15 with Gold Silence GS(Full crit,2 composite) Kahrun's Longbow + Tribune Longbow +10(Full MR) Silence GS Armor Full Archon Commander Set(Jerkin,Breeches+12 and rest 3 parts +10) Full MR socketed Full Antro Set(Crit) Full C1 set(Att/Crit) Full Kahrun set(Att/Crit PVE) ACC Sunayaka's Hairpin Full Archon Commander Acc ETC Items Title : Top Gun (2240 Ncoin) Mount - Kahrun Dramata's Bone Wing Kahrun's Wing 55000 Crucible Insigma 4000 Courage Insigma 20 Mithril Medals 350,000 AP 20mil kinnah many potions, GS, items...... 498 Alchemy 400 Essencetapping 500 Major Divine Life Serum(1000ap each) 500 Major Divine Mana Serum(1000ap each) AP Boost 30% - 25 Days left 2402 MR with Food(Kahrun Bow) 2200 MR (with Tiamat Bow-crit) no food We can meet in the game and check gear. Good reputation in game.Many friends in US-Kahrun know me well. Offer me Thanks - - - Updated - - -
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.