[SOLD] Elyos 60 SM NA server (decently Geared) (Israphel)

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    Played mainly in 2.5 Done playing want to sell quick +10 Master Carved Darkwater Orb w/ 55 cruc combine and 3780 1% gs (Full MA) Full Crucible 55lvl2 Cloth Set MA/MB full +10 30e Cloth Set Full MB (I get 2000 macc and 2400 Mboost with this set with food and buffs) Some pieces of GPP Cloth Armor (3/5) Full 50 PvP accessories 11k Crucible Insignias and 1k Courage 11.5 Million Kinah Master Alchemy Both 60 Stigma Trees 311k AP, 55 Platinum Medals, 12 Mithrils. Easy to buy a new 60 Accessory Rare skins in Warehouse Very easy to make money on it Ton of Alts with Veteran Rewards on them Post Offer Here and PM me with sometype of Email or . Someway to reach you Buy out is $200 but Willing to negotiate for a quick Sell
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.