[SOLD] Elyos 60 GEARED Ranger (Timiat) Price negotiable.

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    FOR A FASTER RESPONSE EMAIL ME @ [email protected] Looking to Sell a very geared Elyos Ranger on the Timiat server. 60 Ranger: +10 Stormwing's Longbow Fused with EC 55 l2 bow +10 Full 50e Leather set Socketed HP/Crit NCC Hat with FULL GBG pvp Accessories. Comes with a Miragents Set for pve and Miragents bow for Kinah if you want to sell the skin. TONS of Scrolls Master Handicrafter 499 Alchemy 499 Essencetapping level 60 LA tree 20 Million Kinah. 550k AP ready to turn in. 115 Mithril Medals was saving for the Accessories. 75k Crucible Insignia aswell as around 9k Courage insignia for the level 60 EC set. Lucky wings, Miragent title Also Comes with a ton of pets to use as extra bags. Aswell as some rare pets. Comes with an Extra EC level 55 bow to fuse with Vasharti's when you find it. Also comes with a level 55 Templar Full EC pvp set with 55 ec l2 Some level 30-40 pvp Accs Mainly used for crafting. Has Master Alchemy and a ton of designs so making money is a super easy. Comes with a ton of Materials already if you run out. But i doubt you will soon. Has around 550k AP for stigmas or armor if you wish and around 45 Plat Medals Also comes with an assortment of lower level alts All with ALL 24+ months of veteran rewards. Accepting Verified PayPal Accounts only. SELLING FOR $350. If you want screenshots feel free to email me/ PM me. - - - Updated - - - PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE: Lowered to $350 Looking to sell fast
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