[SOLD] Elec dps 88 cr 96 sp (USPC)Middleman Seller Guide

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    Elec dps 88 cr 96 skill points VILLAIN Full t4 pve (Modded) 3 pieces of t4 pvp (modded) Rest is t3 pvp Stats = Might 1909 Precision 633 Easily tops charts Captain Cold hood Kick me sign Captain cold Glasses Guy Gardener chest Hive Defender Helm (Just a few of the many many iconic pieces) Healer Off-set 2 tier 4 pve (modded) rest is full amazonian (modded) All tier 4 weapons but brawling Promethium Lockbox Gear 2x Resto rings 1x Resto neck 2x Prec rings (modded) 1x Might ring (modded) Prec/power IV plan Might/health IV plan Resto/might IV plan Soder cola max III plan (I have others but those are the big ones) Alts -------------- 81 cr Light dps (hero) 68 cr Nature healer (villain) 59 cr Mental Controller (villain) Legendary for another month Wanting $250 O.B.O (within reason) My is Volcamatic Buyer will receive screenshots
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.