[SOLD] DCUO Life time account with high geared characters and profs

Discussion in 'DC Universe Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Facebook, 9/26/13.

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    Good day boys and girls, I want to sell a lifetime legendary account. What is included in the lot: 1) All the pieces of the legendary account + some amount of accumulated SC and replays. 2) It has purchased equipment upgrades to 105 slots. 3) Chips of lifetime legendary account: Classic Batman, collection bat drone and joker flying jester, blue trinkets catwomen and joker (like toys with the effects of the bombs and claws). 4) Styles from Market Place: Cosmic, elements of armor, butterfly wings, etc. 5) Characters: 3 hero and one villain. (2 heroes have feats and styles received 1.5 year ago (special Batman and twoface masks, cloaks anniversary, hackers attack pullover and etc.)) 6) Main character: USPC Hero Troll mental cr86 (without epic rings, with them, I have no luck) sp 98: a) full T4 pve for troll full charged 4-mods (1248 Vit Base) b) almost full T4 pve for DPS but charged betas c) T2 + T3 pvp dps set with T4 pvp weapon MA d) all the briefings and collections investigations e) learned all the useful pve (and some pvp) recipes IV mod for Troll, healers, tanks and DPS f) the amount of game cash 3kk g) variety of PvE weapons from T4 raid operations h) a lot off items with quests for marks of War 7) Alternative character: USPC Hero sorcerer cr 81 sp50 +: a) T4 pve for healer (the body, l, shoulders, head) charged 4-mods and other gear from T4a and GOT charged with betas(boots, gloves, waist, back) b) DPS gear from T4a and GOT charged with betas c) Prime's HB for healer, rune staff for DPS (from BD) d) a lot off items with quests for marks of War 8) Alternative 2-nd character: USPC Villian Fire cr 68 sp 50 + (full geared 64 item level armor for both specs charged with betas) 9) Alternative 3-rd character: USPC Hero Fire lvl 14's the oldest character on account with styles and feats received 1.5 year ago. Total: 1) This account is suitable for both USPC and for EUPC requires no monthly payments. 2) A big plus for USPC as a character with all the recipes IV. And it is easy to pump your character using SC and replays. Prof: Always ready to show u my characters and account info in ID objiako (from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m and on weekend from 11 a.m. (GMT+4)). Price: currently 400 $.
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