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    Selling account for DCUO, USPC Server, Hero side I have recurring legendary subscription until 14th September 2012 and 4900 SC in case you want to respec movement or power set. Main stats are as follows: with full T4 gear modded with Prec Might IV on red slots and Prec/health IV and Prec/power IV on other slots. 111 skill points, Electric Flying DPS, also completed all the races for the other movement modes. I have a number of prime weapons: 2H for both dps and troller, HB for both dps and troller, DP for troller, 1H, MA and DW for dps and a couple of SPARC weapons i neglect to mention. I also just recently obtained a T3 PVP shield. This toon also has a number of notable styles, including Scarecrow's Sinister Cleaver, Captain Cold's Slitted Shades, Kick Me Sign, and a few styles bought from the marketplace. It has other things as well (I don't have perfect memory so can't list them all here.) I have 3 Mule toons holding Exobits I have spend almost 2 weeks to farm. 95 stacks of aggressive bits, 67 stacks of support bits and 81 stacks of blue bits. I also have 23 Focusing Element IVs and 12 Focusing Element IIIs if you decide to (re)mod anything. I will take payment in the form of PayPal, as I live in Singapore and many of the direct transfer payments don't apply here. I will be looking at US$250 OBO. Hit me up on if interested, name: xipeng_xoxo
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.