[SOLD] Cheap 3 Lvl 60's / 2 Lvl 55's/1 Lvl 50 (Geared) Eylos

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    Hello, i'm selling an Aion account because I don't have any more time to play games. The deal will require a middle man and I wont trade for any other game accounts (Need the money). This account has over 100$ invested and i'm trying to sell it for a cheap price. (All the equipment have sockets in them) C/o = 200$ B/o = 300$ The characters are: +Sorcerer LVL 60 -Tiamat chest (All these pieces have magic boost sockets) -Tiamat l -Tiamat paudrons -Tiamat gloves -Tiamat shoes -Rest eq is Renian -Pagati Veyron mount -+2 Darkwater orb -Renian elite soldier wings +Templar LVL 60 -+1 Kharun greatsword -Storm wings -Sharptooth barbtail mount -Rebel temple chest -Rebel temple l -Rebel temple paudrons -Rebel temple gloves -Rebel temple boots +Gladiator LVL 60 -+5 Vasharti spear -Tiamat Chest -Tiamat shoes -Tiamat gloves -Tiamat paudrons -Rest is Kahrun -Kahrun wings -Sharptooth ripper mount (Fastest ingame) -RANK= Elyos army 1-star officer (690k Rank points) (Rank 748) -Guild leader +Ranger LVL 55 -+10 Miragent's Longbow -Nestor wing feather -Miragent chest -Miragent l -Miragent gloves -Miragent shoes -Miragent paudrons +Chanter LVL 55 -+15 Miragent's staff -Storm wings -Miragent chest -Miragent l -Miragent gloves -Miragent shoes -Miragent paudrons +Assassin LVL 50 -Suntouched chest -Suntouched l -Suntouched gloves -Suntouched boots -Suntouched paudrons -Nestor wing feather -Suntouched swords This account has around 140kk+ Kinah around all the characters, they also have Colliseum armor. I'm looking for serious offers only please, you can contact me by PM, post or my : albertkaupp The payment MUST be by paypal.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.