[SOLD] 9500GS+ Cleric, Inferno Mount over 3M AD and 15K Zen ! Founder account.

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    Tiefling Cleric,

    over 9500 GS

    Inferno Mount

    Loads of titles

    over 3M AD currently on Hand

    over 15,000 zen in the bank

    Run any dungeon, any instance, any skirmish.

    Hundreds of healing pots.

    Blue healing stone

    Around 75G on the account as well.

    Panther Companion

    Fire Phoenix (Phoeba or whatever its called)

    Man at Arms

    Blue stone as well (great for stats transfer)

    This is the perfect account for someone who wants to step into end game raiding.

    All yours for $200

    May also trade for a 'quality' Rift account

    I am the original account owner.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Forget to mention i also have 17K of Glory
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.