[SOLD] 60 Great Weapon Fighter - GS 8750. Tier2 Ready!Middleman Seller Guide

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    Hey all,

    I am selling my Neverwinter account. The main character is the Level 60 Great Weapon Fighter (GWF). Plays like a warrior on steroids. I can usually get 1st or 2nd in DPS in dungeons with this character.

    -Most of his gear is Tier 1 PVE. No PVP set.

    -There are a **** ton of gems and enchants in my bags too (Ranks 3-5).

    -Pots, gold, ~50k astral diamonds, 50 nightmare lockboxes.

    -Max Level 15 Cleric companion

    -Level 8 Leadership, Level 9 Mailsmithing

    I am only selling to repped (5+ rep) members and accepting payments via Paypal. As you can see, I am highly repped on these forums and will not go first unless you are higher repped than me

    My asking price is $150. The price is flexible depending on how repped you are

    My contact info is mashimaroinc (AIM) or mashimaroban (). Please post in this thread before contacting me, so I know who I am talking to.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.