[SOLD] 55 Ranger, Full stormwings 900k AP. 150 mil.

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    Created on launch day currently has 900k AP points, some AP accesories. Full eternal Stormwing gear, all socketed and +2 Eternal Stormwing weapon combined with L55 Ap bow. all socketed and +3 w/1880dmg godstone. +10 Miragents bow Combined with L40 Ap bow and Paralyze godstone. 160 million kinah full miragent set to sell (you keep the title) for 20-30million easily. (ive kept due to rumors it might be useful in future for upgrade) tons of goodies in warehouse, like vet reward skins/dyes and such. account has been active since launch and i recently received the 2 year vet reward wich maxed out my inventory and provided me with the coveted "lucky wings" 15 or so pets,..3 different storage pets, loot pet, and more. 499 aethertapping 499 essencetapping 472 weaponsmith negotiable price 400 handicrafting 399 alchemy 399 tailoring Asking for 450$
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.