[Sin Asmodian] Lv55 Infinite Aion [Greed] ( 1 2)Middleman Seller Guide

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    Im bored. Making a new post cus there were people that cause some trouble in the old one, if you are gonna make an offer, be serious about it - don't pm then go missing. Asmodian [Greed] 4/5 Lv50e Abyss Parts 5/5 Stormwing Parts TAHA+FLARE DAGGER (500+ Attack Unbuffed / 480 Crit Unbuffed - one of best posible sin wep combinations - 0.9 atsp with scroll with atsp tittle) + Horned Dragon Gold sword (final craft 5 slotted ***************************************************** ) + Lannok Dagger (extendables ftw) Gold/Eternal Jewels (12.6% pvp attack, 13% pvp def for now) Everything is stacked Attack +5, and there is a bunch of spare ones in the inventory. Storm Wings. SILENCE GS ON MAIN HAND WEP. + 3 Parts of Cloth MB set getting ready to try the rune built if you wanna 12 platinum medals (quests are still 0/20 all) Silence GS quest is about to be finished and if I do it price is going to go up. Best remodells you can find. Will give out more specific info to a buyer that seems more serious since i dont want to compromise my account. NO U WONT RECEIVE ANY KIND OF ******* ACCESS OF THE ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU PAY. I can provide Live Stream proof of email login/pass change/account log in/gear display. Other then that, u arent getting anything more. HIGHEST PENDING OFFER:150 eu. Might consider a trade for an ely sin on perento.
Thread Status:
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